Get To Know the Implementation of School Values at Global Sevilla

Students spend most of their time in school learning many things. Some of the essential aspects learned are positive values, emotional development, and academic goals. Therefore, as an international school Jakarta, Global Sevilla applies three essential values ​​to teach its students. The following is an explanation of these school values.

Implementation of School Values at Global Sevilla

Compassion Values

One of the essential values ​​so that students have a positive attitude in school is the application of the value of compassion. With this grade, students will learn about being honest, generous, and kind. Global Sevilla provides a great opportunity for students to develop an attitude of understanding and feeling the emotions of others. It also includes the desire to help each other and share together.

As a leading school, Global Sevilla provides a quality curriculum that can develop the values ​​of compassion for students from an early age. They will be educated as early as possible so that they can help others without focusing on different aspects when learning at the international school Jakarta. For example, race, background, social, religion, ethnicity, and finance.

Giving Values

Furthermore, there is the value of giving that can contribute to generating a sense of mutual understanding. In practice, students are taught to help each other without expecting anything in return. It forms the habit of students to be generous and help one another. Students need these grades to make their lives more valuable. It can also be implemented in small or large actions in daily life.

Self-Control Values

Self-control is also an important aspect in order to manage a good response. This is done to avoid unwanted behavior in the long run. Thus, Global Sevilla applies the values ​​of self-control combined with their school curriculum. Students are required to have these values ​​to get a balanced academic result and welfare.

In the values ​​of self-control, students will learn several aspects, such as skills to regulate the performance of their thoughts, behavior, social, and emotions. They will learn how to respond in good ways. It is an essential aspect for students to help grow their positive character as students at the International school Jakarta.

In conclusion, Global Sevilla acts as an international school that helps shape students’ mindsets well. The purpose of applying the values ​​in this school is to make students wiser in dealing with things using reason rather than emotion. Giving grades can shape students to care about each other and learn that all humans are equal and valuable.